Ezora Migrates Infrastructure to Amazon Web Services

Ezora is pleased to announce that our core infrastructure has been migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our new infrastructure was designed from the ground up to be highly secure, redundant and available. We have eliminated all single points of failure and are confident this will result in an improved experience for all of our customers.

What is AWS?

AWS is the leading provider of cloud infrastructure, also known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). In simple terms AWS has created a massive suite of cloud computing services which you use on an on-demand basis. If you’d like to know more, have a look at their introductory video or visit the AWS website.

Why make the move to the cloud?

From the very start Ezora was set up in a secure data centre in Amsterdam where we managed our own physical servers. This platform has proven to be very reliable over the last 5 years. During this period our customer volumes have grown steadily. Ezora has recently rolled out our expanded Sales and Operations business intelligence functionality, resulting in increases in the volume of data that we are processing on behalf of our customers.

To ensure that the increase in customers and data does not impact upon the availability and performance of Ezora we decided the time was right to upgrade our hosting infrastructure.

Cloud infrastructure (or IaaS) has been around for a number of years, however in recent years significant improvements have been made, particularly in the area of security. It also offers greater flexibility, lower costs, less upfront expense and access to advanced new services that would typically be too costly for smaller organisations to deploy.

We feel that now is the right time to move our infrastructure to the cloud and take full advantage of its potential to continue to drive innovation in the Ezora product.

Why choose AWS as our cloud infrastructure partner?

When it came to choosing a partner for our cloud infrastructure there was one obvious choice. AWS has long been the leader in IaaS providers, and over the past number of years has been singled out as the leader in IaaS and cloud security by a number of analyst reports including the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IaaS.

Is there anything I need to do?

Nothing, your application will continue to operate as before.

What benefits can we expect to see?

As a customer there will be no obvious changes, but you should notice better performance and increased application stability. Given the redundancy and design of the infrastructure, we also hope that uptime will be improved and outages will be reduced.

Everything in our infrastructure is designed to be highly available and redundant. There are no single points of failure, and all data and services are spread over at least 2 independent geographical locations.

Over time, we hope to be able to incorporate some of the new AWS services to enable us to deliver you a better, more innovative product.

What about security and data protection?

Security is at the heart of our infrastructure design, and we have built our systems using the latest best-practices in cloud security.

The AWS cloud infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today. Forrester recently declared AWS the leader in their Cloud Platform Service Providers’ Security Report.

More detailed information is available online in AWS’s security centre and compliance centre, including full lists of all accreditations and assurance programs.

Your data will still be stored securely within the EU and at no point will the data leave this jurisdiction. If you would like to learn more about data privacy in relation to data storage within the AWS platform, please read the AWS EU Data Protection FAQ.

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