Ezora provides > 100 McDonald’s restaurants with the information they need – every day!

Ezora has partnered with Van Oers Accountants, the market leader in accountancy services for McDonald’s franchisees in the Netherlands, to deliver Mc Portal a complete solution for the Ezora has partnered with Van Oers Accountants to provide Mc Portal to member


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The Challenge


To operate a successful McDonald’s franchise business it is essential to constantly fine tune all aspects of the business including sales, food preparation, labour management, waste management, cleaning, maintenance, financial control etc.


In order to do this it is essential that franchisees, and the management team, have access to the right information at the right time. This information is spread across different systems including planning systems, point of sales systems, payroll systems and financial systems. Sourcing this data for decision making purposes can be time consuming, costly and prone to error.

The Solution

Ezora and Van Oers Accountants work very closely with members of the McDonald’s franchise estate in the Netherlands to drive revenues, reduce costs and enhance profitability.


Ezora connects the data from SMS (Sales), ESP (Planning), CSN (Payroll) and Twinfield (Accounting) systems and provides a single intuitive web based business management platform that empowers better decision making across over 100 franchised restaurants.


Operational Dashboards, Reports And Alerts
  • Computer product analyticsEzora provides intuitive actionable insights into the daily, weekly and monthly restaurant performance
  • Franchisees and managers can drill underneath metrics to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying drivers of performance
  • Results are compared across timeframes, against plans and benchmarked to other restaurants
  • Daily and weekly email notifications and exception alerts focus attention toward problem areas e.g. underperforming employees


Automation of Bookkeeping


Ezora has collaborateTo reduce the manual processing of sales and payroll transactions and to help achieve quicker turnaround of financial reporting Ezora has automated the following processes:


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